Transition Real Estate – Senior Transition Experts

We Help Boomers and Seniors and Their Families Downsize and Transition, Stress-Free

You Know How Seniors Are Overwhelmed By The Very Thought Of Downsizing And Moving?
We turn that overwhelm into a stress-free experience with our senior transition concierge service.

With Ben Durant and Transitions Real Estate you will:

  1. Downsize,
  2. Sell,
  3. Stay calm and relaxed, and
  4. Wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Senior Transition Experts: We Help Boomers and Seniors and
Their Families Downsize and Transition, Stress-Free.

Our Story

Our founder Ben Durant spent years as a lender and in and around real estate.  He also worked in the development of Senior Care Facilities where he came to understand how hard it is for seniors to both downsize and to move into even the best of and brightest of senior care facilities.  He brings his special care and compassion as well as skills in staging, and property management.  He also draws on his deep pool of contacts with contractors, and senior move specialists to create the perfect and unique product for seniors: the Senior Transition Program.

Ben Durant, Senior Real Estate Specialist

His unique approach to each person’s needs stems from watching elders in his family pass.  “In my own family, I watched these much loved family homes decline in the final years of ownership by my grandparents; they never looked worse than on the day they sold.  I was too young and not in a position to help my grandparents, but I vow to help you!”

Her clients' success drives her to perform at a high level everyday and to provide the best possible guidance throughout every facet of the transaction. What he does for you:

  1. Listing and buyer specialist
  2. Initial consultation
  3. Create and execute a plan of action
  4. Prepare your home for sale
  5. Strategize pricing
  6. Marketing
  7. Negotiate for best price and terms possible
  8. Facilitate a stress-free transition
  9. Works with buyers on optimal relocation

Next Steps...

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